Design and manufacture of sensitive IR and THz detectors by thin film superconductor

     Superconductor bolometers are one of the most sensitive radiation detectors in the micrometer range wavelengths. In recent years, considerable progress has been made on development of highly sensitive superconducting bolometers.
     High performance High-Tc superconducting edge transition bolometers for IR and THz applications have been designed and fabricated. Also, an advanced low temperature optical setup and configuration with ultra-low noise and fully computerized electronic system has been designed and developed to characterize superconducting bolometers.

The following research has been done to improve detector sensitivity:

  • Small & large area detectors design and fabrication.Multi-layer metamaterial-based absorber design.
  • Coating the surface of the devices with different absorbent layers to increase its surface absorption
  • Analytical and practical analysis on bolometer noise and its effective factors
  • Analysis and optimization of detector biasing.
  • Investigating the different structures of the bolometers and finding designs with highest sensitivity and detectivity.