Visit of Turkish Academic Group, Rectors of selected Universities:

Prof. Mehmet Karaca, Rector of Istanbul Technical University, Prof. Dr. Ihsan Sabuncuoglu, Rector of Abdullah Gul University, Prof. Haluk Gorgun, Rector of Gebze Technical University.

21 Dec. 2015

Visit of Dr. Sattari (Vice President for Science and Technology)
in acquaintance of Mr. Hashemi (Director of the National ICT & Microelectronics Headquarter),
and Dr. Zeinoddin (Deputy of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology).
17 Nov. 2015

Visit of the Deputy of Economic Affairs and Energy Ministery of Germany
in acquaintance of Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann (President of Munich University of Technology),
Dr. Alfred Forchel (President of Würzburg University), and Dr. Albert Heuberger (Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits)
1 Nov. 2015

Visit of Andrei Fursenko (Vice President of Science and Technology of Russia)
in acquaintance of Dr. Victor Antonovich SADOVNICHY (President of Lomonosov Moscow State University), and Dr. Vladislav Panchenko (President of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research)
14 April 2015

Visit of the German Academic Exchange Service coordinator (DAAD)
in acquaintance of the presidents of the following Universities: Aachen, Darmstadt, Rostock and Rhein-Waal
16 Sep 2014

Visit of the ambassador of Mexico (Ulises Canchola)
10 June 2014

Visit of the ambassador of Germany
Left to right: Prof. Fardmanesh, Mr. Michael von Ungern-Sternberg (the ambassador), Mr. Otto Graf (Cultural advisor), Prof. Abdekhodaei
23 April 2014

Visit of the ambassador of Italy (Mr. Luca Giansanti)
in acquaintance of Prof. Luigi Nicolais (President of National Research Council of Italy)
3 March 2014

Visit of the ambassador of Finland (Mr. Harri Kämäräinen)
15 Feb 2014

Visit of Guests; Nobel Laureet Prof. Antony Legget, Prof. Paul Chu and Prof. Warren Pickett
4 Feb 2014

Visit of the ambassador of France
Left to right: Prof. Abdekhodaei, Prof. Fardmanesh, Ambassadeur Bruno Foucher, Mr. Thierry Vielle, Mr. Pierre-André Lhôte
27 Oct 2013

Visit of the ambassador of Switzerland
3 Feb 2013

Visit of “Association of American Universities”
Presidents of the following universities: University Of Maryland, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Florida, University of California Davis, Cornel University, and Rice University
28 Nov 2008

Professor Kinder 1

Professor Kinder 2