Microwave Superconductivity

  Superconductors due to their low loss and other special properties are favorable in many electrical engineering applications, as much as in telecommunication devices like transmission lines, resonators, microwave filters, detectors, parametric amplifiers and antennae. One of the special properties of superconducting microwave devices is the so called Meissner Effect that gives rise to nonlinear phenomena in high currents in this devices. Predicting and modelling of these nonlinear effects is one of the important research domains that has been pursued in SERL and has led to fabrication and measurement of prototype filters and transmission lines in the high temperature superconductor technology. Several scientific papers has been published by SERL researchers in the most prestigious journals of the field.
     Other interesting applications of superconductivity in millimeter wave are the Josephson junction devices. High temperature technology Josephson junctions fabricated and characterized in SERL can be utilized in metamaterials that their electromagnetic properties are tunable by current or magnetic bias field. Also they can be used in a special kind of metamaterials called quantum metamaterial. In this context a PhD thesis currently is being conducted in SERL investigating nonlinear Josephson transmission lines as one dimensional Josephson metamaterials.