Design, simulation and fabrication of THz absorber for superconductor detectors

     Metamaterials (MMs) are a kind of composite materials consisting of artificially designed electromagnetic structures and have attracted the growing research interest over the past decade due to the extraordinary electromagnetic characteristics, such as negative refraction.
     In most applications, the absorption loss of the metamaterials often degrades their performance. For an artificial light absorber, however, the absorption loss becomes useful and could be significantly enhanced by proper design of the structure.
     In recent years, metamaterial perfect absorbers (MPAs) with sub-wavelength scale have become a widespread research hotspot since the theoretical suggestion and experimental demonstration. Up to now, many different configurations of MPAs have been reported in almost all frequency bands, including optical, infrared range, terahertz (THz)and millimeter-wave band. Among them, the application of THz MPAs is especially important in many fields, such as bolometer, biomedical and chemical sensing, photodetector, photothermal conversion, and so on.
     In this project, first we want to design metamaterial absorber, that should have absorption in the range of terahertz, includes 0.3 to 10 THz. Then we check absorption of our designed patterns with electromagnetic field simulation software.
     Fabrication process includes several steps like deposition, photolithography, coating and etching that should be able to contact YBCO High-Tc superconductor. Finally, we can increase detection coefficient with using THz absorber.